Nicholas Goodwin, of SQC Group, is one of only 4 Accredited Access and Mobility Consultants in Canberra who is qualified and experienced to:

  • review and certify designs for DA lodgement;
  • advise on design solutions at all stages of the design process;
  • find solutions to construction problems; and,
  • design adaptable housing.

Nicholas is dedicated to designing buildings which directly improve the quality of life for the end user.

He has been able to realise this interest through 28 years of experience as a high profile provider of education, health and community projects. Having obtained his Cert IV in Access Consulting, Nicholas is looking forward to transferring his access skills into the areas of Education, Aged and Health Care.

He enjoys the consultative production of cost-effective, well detailed and quality solutions to the client’s needs.

Working closely with the client, other technical consultants and employing his strong understanding of how heritage, access and other issues impact on design enables Nicholas to meet all our clients’ access and mobility design needs.