SQC Group was founded on the principles of doing meaningful work to the highest of standards. Along with first and foremost addressing the ‘human’ purpose of the projects, our creative solutions blends statutory, contextual, environmental, budgetary and commercial factors to create spaces that exceed the work-ability test.
Mitigation of risks and budgetary control are always key considerations and our tried and tested processes add further rigour to the project.  
We have partnered on many successful commercial, government and community sector projects over the years, producing award winning social innovation spaces designed by people, for people.   
Our approach enables SQC Group to deliver outstanding value for money through tailored outcomes 100% satisfy our client needs. 

What we value

Our culture is our strength. We place a high value on both professional and life skills. We practice strong, collegiate working relationships and place high importance on supporting each other. 
Attracting and nurturing the best. We strive to be the workplace of choice and mentor and develop people to become exceptional individuals. Our motivation is to build great people who can contribute to building a great business that our clients benefit from. 
Making life easier for our clients. Our desire is to become a trusted partner and deliver fully integrated design solutions. To earn this privilage, we listen intently, communicate openly and honestly and remain flexible and adaptive to our clients’ needs. We guarantee to meet agreed expectations or we continue working until the intended result is achieved. 
Transforming our communities. We are located in Canberra and serve the wider region. We intimately understand the nuances and sensitivities of community built forms. Every day we are immersed within the unique context of our environments and the needs of our region and its communities. Being local matters. 

Passive House (Passivhaus)

Passive House (German: Passivhaus) is a Certified system for energy efficiency in a building, which results in healthy, comfortable, high quality buildings with ultra-low running costs.

SQC Group has always placed a high value on responsible building design and performance. We were early adopters of passive solar design principles across all of our projects. We have trained and supported NATHERS assessors, been members of the Green building Council of Australia and participated in a number of model projects for the ACT Government and community sector.

Our team has unique experience and training in the delivery of certified Passive House buildings. This expertise can be integrated into schools, aged care, housing or any other building where indoor air quality and thermal comfort are a priority.

One of SQC Group’s senior architects is the ACT Chapter Lead for the Australian Passive House Association (APHA). Her ground-breaking Certified Premium Commercial Passive House project at the Torrens Early Learning Centre, Torrens ACT was a fine example of this approach.

“..My other buildings cost me $15,000 a year in electricity, while Torrens costs only $36.” – Torrens Early Learning Centre owner.

Looking forward to the future, we are ever aware of the increasing significance of responsible, sustainable design in our age of renewable resources and climate change. We would be delighted to apply the Passive House solution to your projects and give you the benefit of this approach to healthy, comfortable and low-running cost buildings.