C3 Church Watson

SQC Brand Logo with 4 colour disciipline colours 60px Image

A church is like a sailing boat that carries and stirs people through the sea of faith, of life and of relationships. The entry to this contemporary church is designed with reference to a boat; the front pylon being the tip of the bow, the curved wall being the sail and the internal spaces being the hull to keep its precious cargo safe.

The general building concept was a simple geometric approach of boxes being manipulated and pushed into each other and generating the required spaces.

The centre consists of an auditorium, multi-purpose foyer, childcare facilities and administration offices on the first floor. The overall look and language is functional and modern with smart and cost effective detailing that lifts the spaces and provide interest without breaking the bank.

“…[SQC Group] demonstrated a high understanding of the specification, needs and limitations of our project and were still able to produce an excellent facility that accomplished out intention to minister to our members and the local community. They provided exceptional attention to detail and listened to our requests throughout the entire project…”

Melanie Marshall

Senior Minister